A Birthday dream

എ ബർത്ഡേ ഡ്രീം

: 9789392936135
First Published Year
: 2021
: 188

Meet The Author

Aakash Haridas, a class 8 student, flanked by his two close friends Arjun and Arun, is excited about being part of the school team for under-15 Inter School Football Championship. At the same time, they are intrigued by the instances of ‘sabotage’ in their school – ‘The Clancy Brilliance Academy’, by the so called ‘grenadier’. Aakash is also anxious about when and where his birthday party will take place, a confusion that has arisen out of his father finding a new job.

“A Birthday Dream” is evocative of school life with its fun, camaraderie, scrapes and trouble with authority, not to mention the intense and high-spirited football games. An absorbing and enjoyable read.

-Khyrunnisa A, Author of the Butterfingers series

Aditya Krishnan, a class 10 student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pattom, takes inspiration from the experiences of others around him, including his family and school. He tries his luck at drawing and at cartoons in both online and offline modes. He believes in bringing to life, characters, with qualities he himself would like to have.


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