Around me a world of wonders !

: 9789392936968
First Published Year
: 2022
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Meet The Author

Integral Art is one of the ways to reach the mind which yearns for perfection. With the adoption of this integral approach to art, any subject will fall fit under the ‘cutting edge’ of art. Art is at the same time a way of thinking, a way of living and doing things, and a way of deriving aesthetic wonder and idyllic pleasure.

  • Vijayakumar Menon  – Art Critic & Art Historian

Anujath Sindhu Vinaylal’s art has a life and mind of its own. It speaks to time with an insightful visual language. Its images are from everyday historical premises. It’s a tender ecological language devoid of the bright hues of noise. Clear and deep. It transports us to the tongue of the present. It has a latent spirit of protest. The rustic glare of justice on these works are significant…Anujath’s works are the hands of a historical clock that reveal the reality of the latest moment.

  • K.G.S.


Whenever possible Anujath to have doodled. Over the years the collection has grown into a fine repertoire of unaffected line art. When this work is being shared, the least we could do is to take a good long look at it. Amidst the image fatigue we live with, it could be a great way to detox

  • E.P. Unny

– Chief Political Cartoonist, The Indian Express Group


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