Elsa Monti

എൽസ മോണ്ടി

: 9789395338370
First Published Year
: 2023
: 100

Elsa Monti by Annie Vallikkappen

‘Lots of memories, but no evidence’ -This sentence stands true for those who lived before the onset of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Only if there was someone to guard those remembrances, which would otherwise extinguish in the strong gush of forgetfulness! At the end of this book, you may sit with your eyes closed -Marmala, Valyammachi, Valyappappan, Thankachi, Govindan Appooppan, the river, Champa trees and coffee plantation will take you back to that lost innocence. Ah! The cool breeze at Marmala gently caresses my face. Slowly, my eyes droop in those memories…. – Joseph Annamkutty Jose


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