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Studies on Kerala Economy

Edited by Dr. Rajeev C. Bharathan

Despite low growth in commodity producing sectors, Kerala has achieved admirable human development between 1960’s and 1990’s. This modest effort at egalitarian growth has won universal acclaim as the Kerala Model. In recent years, alternative development paradigms such as Karnataka, Gujarat and Tripura models have emerged, necessitating a reassessment of the Kerala Model. The present volume is an in-depth analysis of the contemporary profile of the Kerala economy based on recent studies on development. It also enquires into the sustainability of the Kerala model of socio economic development in the coming decades.

Rajeev C. Bharathan, Ph.D., was the Associate Professor of Economics in Government College, Thrissur. His main research interest is in Development Studies, especially human development. He has undertaken Research Projects sponsored by ICSSR and the World Bank.


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